Decorated Christmas Cookies Recipe

I have been making these Christmas Cookies for a number of years now and it is one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

The recipe I use for the biscuits (cookies) is a lovely honey based light gingerbread flavour that is soft and slightly chewy.  Delicious anytime of the year to decorate to your theme or just add a dollop of jam or your favourite nut in the centre.

The recipe makes a substantial amount of biscuits depending on the size  shapes you cut out, but they store and keep well. Not sure about freezing as they never last long enough in our house.

I always get asked for the recipe so here is mine and some instructions for the icing.  I am based in Australia so the ingredients are in metric, you will just need to convert if you still use imperial.

Have fun and remember they don't need to be perfect to still be delicious.


Christmas Cookies Recipe PDF Download


Christmas cookies Rachelle Denneny Designs
Christmas Cookies Recipe